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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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four series over 11 years. nice pass inside. battier. and then a foul. and j.r. smith with another silly foul. and wade is shaken up on the play. and wade walks it off. >> jeff: j.r. smith over the top, as smith stepped on wade's ankle. but he went over the top and there was no help for the baseline. so, you have to have your scheme side together. you are either going to influence that cut to the baseline and have baseline help or force it over the top or have help in the middle of the floor. >> mike: miami back up by two. game three, the other night here, lebron james outscored the knicks by himself. he had 17 in the fourth. the knicks had 14. the heat dominated the fourth period. right now, they've had a seven-point turnaround, after trailing by four.
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they lead by three. novak. nearly stripped by his former college teammate. shot clock down to five. smith offbalance. knocks it down! a two-pointer. just about ready to say "obviously had to take a terrible shot with the shot clock winding down" but he puts it in. he's had awesome looks that wouldn't go down and that's the one that does. 3 for 11, but a big bucket there. james, offensive foul. that time smith's harassment caused that. james now with four fouls. >> jeff: they switch the initial cut that hurt him last night. j.r. smith ended up on james and -- i guess they're trying to clean up post play. i don't know. >> mike: this one has been called much tighter than the first three games of the series. anthony, to stoudemire, gets
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loose. knicks back up by one. that's the second beautiful pass by anthony. >> jeff: and i have never seen that. i've seen stagger pick and roll. they sent three straight guys to screen for anthony, spread out the first two screeners. stoudemire rolled as the third and got the catch and finish. >> mike: this is the way anthony was playing throughout the month of april. wade. oh, what a play from wade. lost the handle on it and still made the play. he's got nine points already here in the fourth. novak struggles with it. hangs onto that pivot foot. smith launches another. james gets a head of steam. drives on novak. and novak with the foul. steve novak did not stand a chance on that particular play.
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>> jeff: here's the three screens in a row. one, two, three, good roll by stoudemire. james goes for the steal. stoudemire catches and dunks. >> mike: novak's foul. james, 3 for 3 from the line. let's listen to an erik spoelstra huddle. >> i want us to be aggressive. get in the paint. move the ball. we got to try to get in the paint. this is our time right now, guys, it's our time, all right? we have to do it defensively and run. >> mike: it was their time in game three. can they wrap it up and get the series sweep here in game four? they lead by two. anthony. tough shot. rebound, bibby.
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shot clock did not reset. ball did not hit the rim. smith again from way outside. and wade, the rebound. anthony trying to poke it away. and wade shaken up again. slow to get up. he hurt him. off the turnover. anthony. fakes, drives past him. puts it in, and a foul! wade didn't even make an attempt to run down. he's shaken up on the play. a bit of a limp to him. and carmelo anthony took full advantage to tie the game. and a time-out on the floor. >> jeff: well, it's all tied up because carmelo anthony attacks, took the contact and finished, with force. good use of his body. to absorb the contact and still get off the quality shot. ♪
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'cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. better? [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. >> mike: back at madison square garden for game four. carmelo anthony, 31 points, also four assists, a couple of pretty passes here in the fourth quarter, as we look at the know key la timeline. the big three having good games, carmelo anthony and amar'e
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stoudemire combining for 50 of the 75 knick points. both teams really struggling from downtown. knicks have come back from an 11-point deficit. that was in the third quarter. actually led by four here early. in the fourth. stoudemire missing the game, you see the bandage, if you are just tuning in. he started. he's had foul trouble but played effecti effectively. and played effectively at the five spot, as tyson chandler's sitting with five fouls. >> jeff: when you get a guy coming back off that severe of an injury and he gives you 19 points and seven rebounds and only 28 minutes so far, you've got to be very, very pleased. >> mike: 32 for carmelo anthony. knicks back up by one. have not been able to figure out how to get over the hump and beat this team. three losses in the regular season. three in the first three games
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of this series. they are 0-6 against them this year. j.r. smith knocks it away. good defense here. >> jeff: really working hard to get around in front and make the entry pass dif result. >> mike: he has five fouls along with chandler. wade. nice feed to bosh. bosh can't finish. stoudemire, taken away by wade and then fouls him. wade, once again -- he's as good as anybody in the league, sticking with the play. and makes a nice steal here with stoudemire. >> jeff: well, they got the miss by bosh. missed a point-blank lay-up. and good strip by wade. good shot fake. gets to the line. >> mike: wade in this game now, four steals and two blocked shots, in addition to free throws, they've missed a lot
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now, he's 4 for 10. wade during the regular season, 79% from the line. misses another one. and j.r. smith, the rebound. so unlike dwyane wade at the line. bibby. playing all the minutes with the injury to davis. anthony missed stoudemire. cut to the basket. he didn't see him. double clutches -- shot good! 34 for carmelo anthony. wade. to bosh. bosh with a hand in his face. tough shot for bosh. he has played well this after. chandler has just returned to the game.
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a hand right up in his face. this is lebron james' forwarden. bosh on stoudemire. stoudemire drives on him. kicks it out. smith for three -- way off the mark. wade. throws it the length of the court to james. ball deflected. wade, the hesitation. tough fallaway. he wanted a foul. he's yelling at derek collins as they go up the four. coming up on four minutes remaining in a one-point lead, as the knicks desperately trying to keep their season alive. anthony to smith. wide open three -- smith's night mare game shooting continues. he's 3 for 15. james, the drive. and got blocked.
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lebron the james can give the lead the lead. you see the mouth guard he's wearing, a roman numeral 16. >> jeff: he should have a new one every time they win the game. >> mike: the 16 signifies how many wins they need to get a championship. so, you want him to get a new one, with 13? >> jeff: exactly. you have to stay in the presence. >> jef >> mike: he can certainly afford them. >> jeff: that should be a handout at the miami, american airlines arena, for all fans. >> mike: look at you, you're a marketing man. >> jeff: always thinking big picture, mike. >> mike: miami now up by one. smith. fakes. drives. tied up. gets it to bibby.
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bibby's shot blocked by chalmers. 3.3 to shoot. mike woodson sensing an important possession here, is going to call a 20-second time-out. and set up an inbound play. knicks ball when we come back, trailing by one here in game four. >> mike: espn bringing you two national league match-ups. tonight at 8:00 eastern, phil
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phillies off to a great start. monday night at 7:00 eastern, phillies and the mets from down in philadelphia. espn baseball. meanwhile, nba playoff action, after an ugly first half, this has been an exciting second half. right now, the knicks down one with 3:27 remaining. brutal three-point shooting. not a record. detroit and boston, able to do that. minimum of 20 attempts combined. anthony will inbound. stack up at the elbow. chandler gets it. back door anthony -- blocked by wade! wade came and defended it. what a defensive recovery from dwyane wade. james now pulls back.
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chandler, guard iing james. pull-up jump shot. stoudemire, the rebound. that's an interesting match-up, defensive player of the year guarding perhaps the mvp. >> jeff: with five fouls. >> mike: anthony calling for the lob. single coverage against battier. backs in. inside. puts it up -- fouled. with 4.5 left on the clock, he'll shoot two free throws as we've got a full time-out. >> jeff: well, with 3.3 seconds to go, new york was taking it out. good back cut by anthony. night pass by chandler. but great recovery by dwyane wade. meet him at the summit. great blocked shot. >> mike: wade just picked up, by >> mike: wade just picked up, by the way, his fifth foul. mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere.
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>> mike: after struggling in the first three games of this series, carmelo anthony has exploited here in game four to try to keep his team's season alive, as the knicks trying to get a playoff win. it's been a long, tough drought. again, over 11 years, four different series, two against toronto. four against the nets back in '04 in a sweep. the sweep last year against boston. trying to avoid the sweep against miami. they're not going to get 100 points, but they could careless about that one right now. they just want to win. force a game five. and the garden crowd just pleading them to experience that playoff victory. >> jeff: and mike, i have to own the first two losses of that 13-game playoff losing streak,
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losing at toronto at home in a deciding fifth game. >> mike: anthony, big free throws here. he's 8 of 9. anthony and stoudemire both part of the team last year that was swept by boston. knicks had to deal with injury problems. chauncey billups and stoudemire. they certainly had their share of injuries this year, as every team battling keeping everybody in the lineup. short. stoudemire, the rebound. dribbles -- stripped by james. great hands from lebron james. >> jeff: stoudemire's had the ball stripped a number of times today. >> mike: wade, the drive. nice adjustment. oh, what a beautiful move by dwyane wade. and the heat back up by two. got 11 points in the quarter.
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>> jeff: great slide-by to avoid the charge. shot clock down to eight. james now back on carmelo anthony. anthony, nice fake. tough fall away. puts it in. tough shot! tie game, with two to play. 37 points for carmelo anthony. wade against stoudemire. pulls back, tries again. kicks it out to the corner. bosh will try a three -- misses and chandler, the rebound. smith on the drive. bibby. from the corner -- bang!
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>> mike: a gritty performance by the new york knicks, desperate to keep their season alive. mike bibby, who last year played with the heat in the postseason, was a starter for that team, toward the tail end of the season and in the playoffs. hits a huge three-pointer. >> jeff: the first pass by anthony was almost stolen by chalmers, which gave smith the ability to get an angle. he drew wade and good for bibby, knocks it right down the middle. the second three he's made today. and mike woodson probably
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cringed when he saw those two guys body bump because of the point guard injuries that they've sustained. >> mike: bibby out on the floor after the injury to baron davis, delocated his knee. jeremy lin still in street clothes. and the veteran mike bibby, so many three-pointers in his career with sacramento. perhaps helping the knicks get the victory today. james is open. james for three -- knocks it down! lebron james answers back to tie the game. a. >> jeff: miscommune case on the switch. >> mike: james hit big three-pointers in game three. clutch one right there. we come up with a minute remaining. this is tied up. smith looking. looking.
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gets it to anthony. five on the shot clock. anthony, one dribble. that's a three -- it's good! carmelo anthony from way downtown! he's got 40! >> jeff: well, a very poor offensive set resulted in a late block, high isolation. he just raised on shane battier. well defended, but give anthony credit.
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>> mike: three consecutive clutch threes, two from the knicks, one from the heat. and it's a three-point game with 54.5 seconds remaining. the heat will inbound in their front court. knicks do not have anymore fouls to give. the heat do. they have a foul to give. both teams still with time-outs feed to bosh. stoudemire in pursuit. wade. throws it behind him. that's going to be a turnover. and a back court violation. knicks ball with 40.9 remaining. again, miami, a foul to give. and now mike woodson will use one of his two time-outs left. so, each team will have one
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time-out remaining. woodson will set up the play. knicks have the ball in the front court. well, do you have what it takes to sing with kelly clarkson? because of thursday, may 24th, four music superstars won't just judge the competition, they in the competition. "d "duets" debuts on may 24th, right here on abc. what's the thought process, jeff? >> jeff: obviously, you would like to take time off the clock, but not at the expense of having enough movement and the ability to create a good shot. what you do not want to do is give them a two for one opportunity. not as important for you to get a two for one. but you don't want to give them a two for one opportunity, by shooting quick. you want to take this down into the 20s. >> mike: not that it makes much
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of a difference, chalmers touching the ball before it went out of bounds. the back court violation givens the other team the ball at half court as opposed to the baseline. >> jeff: much harder to inbound the ball on the baseline than it is here because you can throw it into the back court in the last two minutes. >> mike: 42-point game for anthony, game two against the boston celtics in that four-game sweep. trying to avoid another four-game sweep. you can go in the back court. anthony, though, able to get it. battier, right on top of him. anthony fires another three -- and is fouled by battier. battier can't believe the call. and anthony will get three free
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throws. although it was a step ptepid argument. he's shaking his head. pat riley wants to see the replay. if there was contact, there was very little. doesn't take much. now huge free throws. you see he's 9 of 11. that is so close. >> jeff: that second shot, it looked like he hit him a little bit more than the first shot. >> mike: yes. anthony misses the first two free throws. and the lead remains three. huge misses, perhaps, for the
6:29 pm
knicks. most of the crowd on its feet. that makes it a two-possession game. again, the heat still have a time-out left. but they're down by four. james spins. gets inside -- puts it in! and the foul! lebron james with a chance for a three-point play. and the foul on chandler is his sixth. what a move from james. >> jeff: wow. the spin dribble split. absorbs the contact and finishes with the left hand. running hook. >> mike: lebron james almost had it poked away by anthony and then chandler fouls out. novak will come in.


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